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Gourmet Dark Chocolate
Made by Hand
in Santa Fe, New Mexico

A bittersweet blend of dark chocolate and premium fresh, local, and organic ingredients. Indulge in timeless chocolate classics or explore contemporary twists and regional flair. Whichever your preference, be ready for an over-the-top chocolate experience.

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About Our Chocolates

Our gourmet dark chocolate is hand-dipped right here in our Santa Fe, New Mexico shop. We are making something tasty everyday! The ChocolateSmith’s sweets are completely handmade in small batches; we even hand roast nuts and other embellishments in-house. Each confection is carefully prepared with love and attention to detail, making for the perfect treat or gift.

We enjoy featuring local New Mexico ingredients in our chocolates, including organic pecans, green chile, and red chile pistachios all grown in our state.

Specialty Ingredients

Organic Pecans (de Valle Organic Pecans, Rio Grande Valley Mesilla, NM) • Green Chile Pistachios (McGinns Pistachio Tree Ranch, Alamagordo, NM) • Red Chile Pistachios (Heart of the Desert, Alamagordo, NM) • Local Red Chile • Local Green Chile • Ancho Chipotle • Lavender of Provence • Glacé California Oranges • Glacé Apricots • Guittard Chocolate • Raspberry • Strawberry • Cranberry • Cherry • Pineapple • Currant • Fig • Coconut • Ginger • Coffee Beans • Pepitas • Piñons • Walnuts • Peanuts • Marcona Almonds • Cashews • Fleur de Sel • Himalayan Sea Salt • Cardamom • Thyme • Rosemary • Curry • Tangerine • Lemon • Orange • Lime • Anise • Tamari

Our Santa Fe
Chocolate Shop

Here at the ChocolateSmith, we specialize in craft chocolates and everday indulgences. Our signature creations are uniquely packed with classic flavors and regional southwestern flair. We feature premium local and organic ingredients, and our shelves are brimming with caramels, chile chocolates, scrumptious barks, and more! Indulgence or adventure, we’ve got something to make your taste buds swoon! Our quaint boutique is conveniently located in downtown Santa Fe, NM.

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