Wax Backpacker – Chocolate Paté

The Chocolatesmith's weatherproof waxed chocolates are heat tolerant gourmet treats that showcase edible art in a truly unique way. Each piece of firm dark chocolate ganache is carefully hand cut and dipped in Dutch cheese wax. To eat, you simply slice a wedge—as you would a fine cheese, peel off the wax, and enjoy! 4oz

These selections are fabulous for wine pairings and are sure to be the talk of any tasting. For a perfect pairing, slice into wedges and place on the rim of each glass. 

Dark Chocolate – Creamy with rich tones of pure organic vanilla. Moderately sweet & decadent.

Sunset Orange – A complex dark chocolate and orange ganache infused with smoky chipotle chile and cinnamon. A mildly spicy treat that will surely suggest Southwest. 

Raspberry – Raspberry and chocolate ganache blended with our own house made coulis. A simply rich pleasure.